New Spatiolab Capsule TITAN

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Eowave was created by Marc Sirguy and Emmanuelle Gallin in 2002 to create innovative tools for musicians and artists, mixing analogue technology and sensor-based newest technology, software and hardware designs, to design new tools. In 2002, Marc Sirguy developped the Essential Instruments edited by Cycling’74’s in Pluggo 3, he dedicated each Essential Instrument to a special synthesis type: granular, additive synthesis, FM, an analogue modeling synth or a wavetable synth… Most of these Essential Instruments are now part of Ableton Max for Live.

Marc Sirguy and Emmanuelle Gallin are also pionners in interactive solutions with their sensor-to-USB/MIDI systems like the Eobody. This sensor sytem enables artists to use sensors in their performances to create interactions between the artist, sounds and videos. Today, these systems are commonly used for interactive installations.
In 2004, Eowave started developping hardware effect pedals with the « bugs ». In 2006, we introduced the Persephone, an analogue fingerboard synthesizer with MIDI and sensor-based controls. A remake of synths from the 1930s with today's technology... The Persephone markII was released in 2010 and offers a unique duophonic ribbon.
In 2011, Eowave designed the Ribbon, a lofi synth that can be used as a USB and CV/gate controller as well. We have also released the DOMINO, a little mono synth with an incredible sound.
2012 will see the release of a 2 years development project: the MAGMA, an analogue bassline synthesizer with sequencer and memory.

2013 is full of news with the release of the modules EO-310 and EO-311 which enables to control any modular system with any Eowave sensors. The Metallik Resonator Speakers and of course, the new Spatiolabs Capsule Titan and Orage Magnétique, which we presented at the namm show in January 2013.

All Eowave products are made in France. All sensors are mounted on demand.